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  1. Looking for voice actors :)
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  5. Looking for Voice Actors
  6. PvP Commentaries?
  7. "Ruler of the Bracelet: Brotherhood of the Bracelet" Needs your help!
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  10. players of ravencrest (EU) check this out
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  21. WCM machinima editor's paranoia blues...
  22. Looking for Japanese Voice Actors
  23. voice actor wanting to be in a movie
  24. Voice actors wanted! Apply within!
  25. Looking for Voice actors!
  26. Talented Voice Actor for Hire (Free really)
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  28. Music Writer LF Job!
  29. LFM Unlimited Escapism vol. 0 - people who can draw
  30. Welcome to my underground lair
  31. Amateur Voice actor looking For Career + Tips
  32. New Voice Actor Looking For work
  33. Looking for Voice actors! Especially trolls!
  34. The Phoenix Flame series is looking for voice actors
  35. ColdReign Studios - Recruiting
  36. The Adventures of Garthim and Tenaros
  37. Voice Actor Looking for Project :)
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  39. Legends productions looking for good voiceactors.
  40. New Voice Actor Looking for Work
  41. LF Tecno "maker"
  42. Looking for a good video editor
  43. Goblin Voice looking for work
  44. Can voice act!
  45. Freelance Voice Actor
  46. WANTED: Female Singer for WoW Parody Song!
  47. new project:Bloodfall recruiting
  48. "Amicus" looking for directing partner
  49. Gnomes wanted!!
  50. Looking for a"gay" voice actor?
  51. Another voice actor.
  52. Soul Evolution Recruiting
  53. Need female voice actor!
  54. I hate STAGE 6 !!!!!!
  55. Looking for Undead-Voice Actor
  56. Male Voice actor needed
  57. Female Voice Actress LFW
  58. Experienced voice actor
  59. Looking for Voice Actors
  60. Voice acter working for free =D
  61. Looking for voice-actors!
  62. LF a Female and a Male Voice actor!
  63. New Director looking for Voice Actors
  64. Aspiring voice actor looking for work.
  65. Goblin voice, got what it takes?
  66. TU Studios Seeks Volunteers
  67. Custom Music
  68. Networking 101
  69. Seeking voiceactors for the triology "Legends"
  70. Artwork for Acolyte.
  71. Looking for extra anime-drawer!
  72. Voice actors, unite thee!
  73. Voice Actors! The Thaenor Chronicles need you!
  74. I new a drawer!
  75. Gort'agash needs VAs
  76. Nick Shaw - Voice Actor (Blazer TOTP series)
  77. Despressed mofo!
  78. Keen Movie Adventures Guild Recruitment
  79. Dwarven Voice Actor needed.
  80. Seeking voiceactors for the last spots in "Legends"
  81. Seeking talented voice actors and editors
  82. Looking for Everything
  83. Body Actor Looking for Work
  84. New Productions Group
  85. [Seeking Voice Actor] Tauren Male, wise tone
  86. Director looking for work
  87. Voice Actor needed for Warcraft Machinima.
  88. 70 Mage 5/5 S3 LF Producer to make movie
  89. Dwarven voice actor
  90. Unbroken - the movie (7 characters)
  91. Spork In The Works : WoW Machinima Project
  92. Voice Actor for Hire
  93. Voice Actor Looking for Work, For free, i only want to have fun
  94. New production group, want to participate?
  95. Voice and Body actors wanted - WoW Machinima
  96. Script LF Director Scarlet Crusade
  97. Trollbane - 2 voice actors needed :)
  98. Looking for the Creator of Tales of the Past 3
  99. New Voice Actor Looking For Work
  100. CASTING for documentary project
  101. Jesse Cox - NEW VOICE DEMO July 08
  102. Dwarv
  103. How do I upload a video?
  104. New VA seeking work.
  105. Looking for Musical Voice Actor
  106. In Need of a Male Troll Voice!
  107. Upcoming Machinima Producer
  108. Voice actors Needed for a new film
  109. Nex Manus LFM for a video series
  110. Voice Actress available
  111. In search for Dwarf & Undead/Demon voice actors
  112. Voice Actor availiable for Whatever
  113. Voice actor seeking more work for future
  114. Voice Actress
  115. Professional Voice Actor for Hire
  116. Seeking Voice Actors for Mini-Series.
  117. Seeking Body Actors(Pupeteers) and Voice Actors
  118. Voice actor Up and running!
  119. Looking for a female voice actress
  120. Looking for Thrall [Orc] voice
  121. Someone needs to put this person to work!
  122. Voice Actor looking for job!
  123. The Order : Episode 1 [Looking for Voice Actors]
  124. Music Composer Looking for work
  125. Writer (Mostly Horrors).
  126. Major Project LFM
  127. Looking for storyboarders.
  128. Got a webcam..?You're hired!
  129. Wtb Thunderaan and/or Atiesh footage
  130. Mature voice actor needed
  131. Gnome voice acrtess NEEDED!
  132. The Adventures of Thaddius Gallina (Comedy) - Casting Thread!
  133. Female Orc Voice Actress Needed for a Massive 3D WoW Machinima
  134. Need a high Female Voice?
  135. [LC] Various Voices.
  136. qustionaire for all WOW movie makers
  137. Movie in progress additional voices needed!
  138. NEW MOVIE IDEA.... criticism NEEDED!
  139. Request: Voice Actors for my machinima
  140. Voice actor recruitment: Unpuntable 2
  141. Professional FEMALE Voice Actress
  142. WoW machinima comedy/action series - Leaper gnome male voice needed!
  143. Experienced FEMALE Voice Actor at Your Service!
  144. Voice actor looking for work.
  145. Voice actor recruitment: The Palest Horse (western/action)
  146. Movie Maker Looking for new Project
  147. Movie Project: Marew looking for Voice Actors
  148. Gnomechewer looking for voice actor(s)
  149. Guild looking for Movie Maker!
  150. Need assistance with Short-Machinima story
  151. Looking for pro video maker
  152. Simple Demo
  153. Looking for a professional SCRIPT WRITER
  154. Voice actor: first time looking for work
  155. VA--Examples of vocal range
  156. Movie maker lookfing for work (pvp pref)
  157. Warcraft Guild Looking for Video Maker
  158. Looking for Female Singer
  159. movie editor looking for work
  160. Looking for someone to Machinima my songs
  161. Potential Editing Position - Professionals Only
  162. Prof VA Looking For Work
  163. Looking to edit PvP
  164. LF Machinima expert
  165. Looking for a Terenas voice actor
  166. Movie Editor Looking for work!
  167. LF Machinimator For WoW Parodies. PST!
  168. Composer for your projects
  169. Looking for voice actors...
  170. Looking for good Adobe Audition tutorials
  171. Looking for a male voice actor with a specific talent.
  172. Experienced Voice Actor Available
  173. Looking for very skilled machinimators!
  174. Role Call: Voice Talent Needed - War of the Muse
  175. Experienced Voice Actress LFW!
  176. Machinima Maker Looking for script.
  177. Need Voice Actors
  178. Creating a Landscape
  179. Voiceactors requiements
  180. LF Voice Actors
  181. Actor Looking for Role
  182. [Machinima] Female voiceactor needed!
  183. Machinima Help!
  184. WoW VIDEO
  185. interesting WoW video
  186. wow game
  187. wow game
  188. cranymovies.com (moviemaking web)
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  190. Hiring Someone with Video Editing Skills
  191. Looking for some work
  192. Can u make money on WCM?
  193. WCM Fame - and how does it work?
  194. Voice actors needed for Machinima!