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XTheHeraldX 08-12-2013 04:24 AM

Seeking arsists for a full-length MOP machinima
Hey guys,

Chosen here. Iíve been following the machinima movement for some time now, and Iím seeking exceptionally talented machinima artists to help shoot my full feature WoW film, itís a period piece epic adventure / war genre set during the Pandaren Uprising, an event only mentioned through lore compiled by Blizzard in Mists of Pandaria. Itís an original story that works into the cannon lore (with a few twists of course) and features original characters mixed in with official figures.

What I'm looking for are the actual machinima artists to manipulate the game engine, and do FX through WoW Model Viewer and such, as well as a graphic artist to help with some concept pieces and storyboards; here in Hollywood, I have access to the full range of post production assets- voice actors, recording studios, color correction, editing suites, composers- everything needed to craft a professional, full-fledged feature length movie; the only things missing are the machinima artists to help shoot it and make it possible.

I've been talking with Khayllys (of Tides of War music video fame) who is interested, all we need are a few more machinima artists to round out the team. Once completed, the film would hit the festival circuit, as well as serve as a calling card to Blizzard and other companies to show them what we can do (for possible future paid gigs!).

If this project sounds like something you are interested in, please feel free to post here or shoot me an email at the address below and I would love to chat about the endeavor. Thanks again!

[email protected]

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