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lionpants 03-03-2010 04:20 PM

Come on WCM...
I've been a member since 2005 (WoW's release), I used to love the old site so, I've recently included one of your promo clips in a video I've created so I can get a premium account thinking that it would make the new site better...

Boy was I ever wrong...
- I cannot edit my uploaded video's title
- Any changes I make to my profile are not updated, and if they are updated it's a week later
- Trying to navigate this site WITHOUT a FireFox addon like AdBlock is near impossible
- Stream times are garbage
- The site is incredibly buggy and layouts glitch out frequently

This will be the last time I include WarcraftMovies promo clips in any my videos. Good job guys in ruining a perfectly good website.

Rawted 01-21-2011 01:02 AM


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