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Faylum 08-01-2012 08:47 AM

Looking for some Extra Info
Hi there,

Been looking through the forums trying to find as much information on uploading as possible but i can't say its been easy. You get nothing short of the most common information.

I'm rather interested in uploading my World of Warcraft WPvP videos in the hopes of getting a bit more feedback & criticism. I have a youtube channel that is doing rather well but i want to branch out and entertain a wider amount of players. But i can't find any information on videos greater than 2mins, for this site.

It says in the upload information that videos need to be to a certain amount, otherwise they get reencoded or something. Well the good majority of my videos are 400mb-1gb in size, ranging from 12mins - 24mins.

They are not just videos but sort of movies. Not extremely well edited with fancy special effects but edited well enough so that the viewer can see the footage without getting headaches. xD

Anyway i am just looking for some additional information.
Does WCM accept big videos, whats the rate for upload dependent on?
Is there rules on language/profanity? (not extreme)
Are there limits on music?
Does WPvP apply to the PvP genre or another?
How does the videos get shared, how would you advertise it for feedback?
Is there a way of linking videos directly from another source to WCM, without having to re-upload?

Thank you in advance for any help, it will be a great help.

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