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1pass 2pass wtf?

Okay, I have made several 'good' quality movies for my guildies of several wow fights, for tips, advice, showing where we go wrong etc

However, I've been thinking of doing a higher quality release for general consumption, and I've seen some really high quality videos out there, clear true-black, not grainy etc.

I've done some playing around with settings on codecs, both XVid and DivX, and got a pretty good (although still a little washed out & grainy) quality job going, however, I've always used 1pass encoding, and I keep reading about people doing 1 pass and then a 2nd pass, and adding the audio to the second.

My question (Vegas 7 user) is how to do 2 passes on the same video file? As far as I can see when I go to render, I have the choice of doing 1 pass and saving the file as an AVI, is there a way to combine a second file? Or do I do it somehow in Vegas before I save the file?
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