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Originally Posted by Dw‚rv View Post
yes, I know that procedure,but:
is it possible to report a comment/rating on a movie not made by me?
Yes you can. You can even report his all his idiotic comments by clicking the X in his profile in the "latest comments" list. With a push of a button an admin can "purge" all his comments if we see that a large % of his comments are invalid.

We also hand out warnings. A warning deducts 5 points from your fame. 3 warnings bans you from rating at all.

Originally Posted by Dw‚rv View Post
would this work out when no foul language has been used?
Yes, on our admin pages we have all the info we need. As well the avg rating of the movie he rated on and his avg rating statistics and so on. Even if the comment does not contain foul language it will not be able to slip through.

We are also working on a new feature which will work similar to the ones you see on the database sites like Wowhead. You will be able to rate other peoples comments. If the comment get a negative score the comment will be hidden and also auto reported to admins. If the comment gets a high enough postive score it will be highlighted as a "good" comment.
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