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Need model and map help :)

Hey! I've always loved Machinimas and I've been wanting to make one of my own. I already have a few essentials: WoW Model Viewer, FRAPS, and Sony Vegas, and I'm working on putting together what I would like to eventually be, a series of WoW Lore episodes starting with the beginnings of the Horde and the Alliance, through the wars, and to today. However, I'm presented with a few problems. Character models are missing, and without them, like Ner'Zhul or High-Elven Sylvanas for example, I cannot even begin to put everything together.

So my first problem is finding a program to use characters from WoW history that are not in WoW Model Viewer, or if there is a way I can customize the characters (faces, clothes, expressions, everything) to make them look just like the characters missing from this program. For instance, Ner'Zhul has a unique strand of necklaces as a top and his face is painted, and currently, there is no way to duplicate this in WoW Model Viewer.

My second dilemma is the old World of Warcraft. Since the Sundering, Azeroth is not as it was by any means, so I'm curious as to how I would go about getting the old world for movie making purposes to fit the eras of the 1st and 2nd wars and so on? I have not tried the mapping program similar to WoW Model Viewer.

Lastly, but not least, if at ALL possible, I want the original voices. I know some voices do not exist in the games because they died off before any visual lore was created in WoW or Warcraft or even though they played a major part in shaping the history of the Horde and Alliance, their part was still too significantly small for Blizzard to add them to any cutscenes, like Alden Perenolde, the infamous betrayer of the Alliance in Alterac. Furthermore, is it at all possible to find a voice manipulator of any kind that I can, for example, take an excerpt of Thrall's voice to make his voice say anything I want? If that's not possible, what are my options?

I think at this point, I would hope for a professional/veteran's advice and really hope that someone can provide something useful. I know that this is a HUGE project and I'm willing to stick with this and make this fantastic and enjoyable.

Any and all help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! ~Trikxty
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