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Twink Adventures.

Im new to this so... here's the idea.

The idea is comedy. 5 alliance player's and 5 Horde player's Each with there own story. Run through dungen's of there level. durring witch. The Tank would boss around the group. the healer would listen to orders. One of the dps would complain. other dps would completely disobey orders. Its a recipe for disaster. with these twinks running through dungen's. But they get through some how.

Like for instance. because one of the dps disobey's orders. the dps would go and pull a group. thinking hes all that. The other's would have to save him. and punish him. by not letting him take items.

Or. A item could drop. and the whole group could fight over it.

I would make it if i could. but i dount have the tools. or the skills. so im leaveing this idea to any one who is out of ideas. and is good at machinima's.

Rember. Please include both the alliance and the horde. doing there own dungen's. each haveing there own personality. If you want my help then just ask. and i can make up ideas.
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