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I'm personally one of the authors with a trailer (totpIII) in the top of the storyline section of movies, though there isn't really any content in it so to speak.

To be honest I actually agree, trailers should perhaps not make the top20 movies, but I guess it goes for other movies as well - for instance, from what I recall, the 2# movie in the storyline section is a "put-together" of WC3 cinematics - not that I have anything against these, I'm all for lore movies - but if trailers are to be removed from top lists etc due to low content/work put into them (which is often true since most trailers are just put together by parts of the actual movie, requiering - spelling - little effort), then you'd be in a situation where movies as the one mentioned above should probably be considered as well.

In the end I guess the easiest way is for the viewer to sort of distinguish between each movie - it's easy to recognize that a certain movie might not actually fit the spot it's gotten (for instance if it's a trailer/not an actual movie etc).

Alternatively you could go back to sort of the old style prior to Return 2 trailer where trailers weren't really able to get a recommendation. That way you could fairly well sort out movies without recommendations from the top20, since in almost any case it's most likely not belonging there. If there is indeed a movie there that is validly liked by people, then a "late recommendation" is probably in place, just like it has been done with several movies lately, even though the movies had been on WCM for a long time

- Martin F
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