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Deleting Movies

Well, I've never found a way to delete my movies from WCM (if there is a way, please tell me how), so I suggest that movie authors be able to delete their movies completely.
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Old 09-03-2007, 08:36 AM   #2
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An author can delete his own movies until they are released on the site. The reason why we have chosen not to allow "instant deleition" is because we do not want someone to be able to hack an authors account and delete all his work. At the moment you have to use the Contact Us page to request a deletion.

I agree, we should make it easier to request a deletion. I will add that to the todo list.
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Maybe a button that will request a deletion of a movie, and the admins review it (see if its a movie like Nihilum vs Illidan)

edit: uzbeki said it at the end of his post.
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