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What benefits does premium users have?
1. Access to our 100% dedicated servers from which you can download ALL our movies at good speeds.
2. A Completely Ad-Free site.
3. Access to unapproved movies, download before their "public" release.
4. An advanced search engine, find what you are looking for instantly.
5. Access to our Premium Streaming service with better quality than Google on many of our movies.
6. Access to our Premium Avatar gallery with many cool animated Warcraft avatars.
7. Recognition of your Premium status in movie comments and in other parts of the site.

How do I get premium?
Via paypal.

I do not have a Paypal account, can I still try premium?
You can also get free premium by adding promotion material in your work.

I upgraded to premium but my account is the same?
Sometimes the money transfer can take up to 3-5 workdays if you paid with an eCheck, if you haven't received premium status within 4 days you should contact us.

How do I cancel my subscription?
1. Log into PayPal
2. Click "History"
3. Select "Subscriptions" from the "Show:" drop-down box.
4. You may need to select a longer timeframe from the "For:" drop-down box if you have had your account longer than a month. Try selecting "Past Year".
5. Press submit.
6. You should see an entry called "Subscription Creation". There will be a link in the "Status" column that tells you the status of the subscription. If it says "Active", click it.
7. Click the button that says "Cancel Subscription" and follow the remainder of the steps.

Submit a movie:

How do I submit a movie on WarcraftMovies.com?
From the main page you can click the text "SUBMIT A MOVIE" in the top menu, or you can go directly from here to the submit page: Submit a movie

Why do you want mirrors?

Any mirror you can add when submitting a movie will make it easier for the viewer to download your work. Also the WarcraftMovies.com servers, except the torrent and stream, can only be used by our Premium members. Without any mirror you will have a harder time reaching our entire community.

Do I need to upload the movie or is my mirror enough?
If you upload the movie yourself we will be able to review it 200% faster. Leaving a mirror for us to download will not be prioritized.

Why should I upload a Picture?
Your picture is very important when promoting your work, without it people might not even read the summary!

What is an "Author"?
An author is any person(s) that stands behind the creation of the movie.

Approval phase:

I uploaded my movie but it does not show on the site?
Depending on the size of the file and how may there are before you, it takes around 48hours for it to appear on the site.

What is a "good" movie?
A "good" thing is relative and a matter of taste, it's very dependant in what genre you have the focus. For example: PvE movies can be good just by showing a boss-kill, it can go from good to bad by showing this boss-kill if someone else already has.

What is content?
Here, content is generally referred to what the movie is showing depending on in what category it plays out. For example a storyline production should have content showing/telling a story.

Why did you not approve my movie?
We watch all movies before we approve/remove them but since it is a matter of opinion we always encourage people to resubmit their movie if they think a mistake has been made.

The mail I got is not correct, my movie deserves to be on this site, what do I do?

If you think the rejection is false and the movie has enough content to be on the site, upload it again but notify us about it.

Why is my movie getting pushed back in the queue?
If a premium member uploads something during the time you have a movie in the queue, that work will be released before yours but it should not vary more than a couple of minutes.

Film - Edit:

How do I edit my movie?
You can either use the "Submit Correction" link on the movie page or edit your movie in your "Profile" in the top menu.

How to add a mirror URL:
You can press the "Submit correction" link on the movie page or request to be connected to your author name under "Profile" in the top menu or you can PM me with the mirror URL and the movie id.

Add a picture to your movie?
You can add a picture to your movies by accessing it from your "Profile" in the top menu. Just click "Edit" and then click "Upload picture".


What is an achievement?
The purpose of the achievements are not only to give the community a fresh "best of the best" list but also to reward good and popular movies/authors by highlighting them even though they have fallen out of the spotlight.

What are the different types of achievements?
Most Downloaded - The movie with the highest skill number of week. This achievement is handed out each Wednesday.
Most Downloaded - The movie with the most downloads of a week. This achievement is handed out each Sunday.
Top Rated - The highest rated movie of a week. This achievement is handed out each Sunday.
Platinum - Each time a movie reaches 100,000 downloads, 200,000 downloads and so on it will get one Platinum.
Recommended - A WCM recommendation is a matter of opinion, what the movie moderators on WarcraftMovies.com think is something you shouldn't miss when browsing our site.
Fame pick of the Week - This special achievement is given out by our 100 most active authors, everyone in this group has at least 75 Fame. Each Friday the 3 highest rated movies by this group will be awarded the "Fame Pick of the Week" achievement.


How do I get my movie in the spotlight?
Depending on the quality of your work and/or content we will feature it on "In today's spotlight". There are dozens of movies uploaded to us each day and we try hard to find movies that deserves to fill our Spotboxes. If you have >promotion material< it helps us to spot the movie and it becomes more eligible for the spotlight, also try and contact us if you are working on something and want help promoting it.

Why is the same movies turning up over and over?
We have some scripts on the page monitoring peoples votes on movies and if a movie gets active votes during a week it's up for more spotlight on the main page if the avarage rating is high enough.

What is promos?
"promos" or "promotion material" can be found here. They are used by most of our community authors for several reasons, one reason is they get free premium using it and another is that they acknowledge WarcraftMovies.com as the main page for promotion of their work.


How do I earn a recommend star?
We recommend movies that excel in editing, content and/or bring something never seen before to the table. We also listen to user and author input to help us find the gems. If you want us to look at any particular movie do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do you recommend crap movies sometimes?

A WCM recommendation is a matter of opinion, what the movie moderators on WarcraftMovies.com think is something you shouldn't miss when browsing our site.


What do the different ratings stand for?
Content - rating is how much substance, meaning or expressive effects in that category you feel a movie has.

- rating on a movie should be based on how much you feel there is involving with new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts.

Editing - is how far an author has gone preparing, with different software tools, his/her work before releasing it. Rate editing based on how much you think he/she succeeded with this.

A/V Quality - should be based on how well the movie is presenting itself in terms of audio and video quality.

I think my movie got an unfair rating, what do I do?
You can report an unfair rating by using the red X on the top right side of the comment and we will try to determine if the rating was unfair.

I can not rate, why?
If you are new on the site you need something called "fame" - points. This system was partially applied so that our hard working authors didn't get flamed by inexperienced movie critics.

My movie does not have an average rating, why?
To get a proper average we require at least 3 ratings before we calculate your rating.


What is Rank and fame?
They are indicators showing how active you are on our community site and what your standing is towards others:

Fame - How many points from 1-100 you have earned from being active on our site. This will work much like gaining experience in a game, also like any other game, you can't kill the low level monsters all the way up to level 100 . Find ways to interact with the community on a deeper level; submitting movies and active commentary are some ways to climb the ladder of fame.

Rank - What place you hold towards the rest of our community. You will have to be a film critic, movie maker and gamer all wrapped up in one to be in the Top 50!

How do I earn Fame?
From the beginning you earn fame just by downloading movies and being a member on the site, after sometime when you have got enough points to start commenting and rating you earn points by doing that. If you want to go above 60 points you need to submit movies or write articles/guides

What does Fame give me?
0 Fame - Nothing! Keep grinding.
1 Fame - You are allowed to rate and comment movies.
30 Fame - You are allowed to "Spotlight vote" on movies you think is worthy to be put in one of our four "spotboxes".
75 Fame - You get a new frame around your avatar and the "Renowned" status. You are also included in the "Famous" group who's ratings select "Fame Pick of the Week".
100 Fame - You get a new frame around your avatar and "Eminent" status. You also get free Premium membership.

I am stuck at x Fame. Why?
To make sure you cannot get 100 fame just downloading or spamming comments we have a few caps. For example to get above 60 fame you have to submit movies.


How do I make a group in GUILDS/AT?
From the GUILDS/AT, click the right most tab "create new" and fill in the details. Your request to create a new guild or arena team will be reviewed within the next couple of hours.

How can I manage my group?
After you have created a group a new tabel will show up named "Your Groups", from there you can click on the name of your guild or arena team and at the top right most tab manage anything you want to make your site look better.


How do I get in to Hall of Fame?

When the total amount of download on your author name is above 200,000 downloads and one of your movie have recommend star you will be eligible to enter the Hall of Fame.

Why doesn't my [HoF] tag show on my movies?

The actual update to enter hall of fame is manual and happens about once every month, there will be a news post and the new authors who have earn Hall of Fame status will then have their name updated on the list and a [HoF] tag on their name.

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