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How is getting into the Hall of Fame Calculated?

Please help me understand how to get into the Hall of Fame. From what I understand I meet all the requirements:

Starting from 2008 you will need at least one recommended movie and 200k downloads to be invited to the Hall of Fame.

My current stats:
WCM Fame:81
Total Views:374,803

Are downloads different than views? From what I can tell downloads aren't listed anywhere in the site's user statistics. Me being rank 433 would indicate I shouldn't be in the hall of fame as only the top 385 or so users are listed, but I have enough views to be rank 330 or so.
Is being recommended the same as being featured on the front page? I've had that multiple times but I'm not sure I've had a "recommended" movie and am not sure how to tell.

What am I missing here?
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Recommended means a star icon is set on your movies by staff. If you havenít had one, that may be why.
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