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Name: Dakkaeo
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Desire to have all of my movies removed.

Hello, my name is dakk. My account on WCM is "Dakkaeo". I used many coprighted songs in my 9+ videos uploaded to Warcraftmovies. I know that these movies are archived by now, and I wish for them to be all removed — every single one of them. Please do this for me, as I recently had an official contact me regarding the copyright infringement of my WoW movies. If anyone could do this for me please, Uzbeki, or anyone with the authority, that would be a big help, and a big burden off my shoulders.

Although, I desire my account to still remain, as well as the fame that I have acquired on my account, as I have a desire to make new movies in the future, which will not have any copyright problems.

Thank you very much, and I hope for an expedient response!

You may contact me via email as well at [email protected]
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Name: Midvale
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They need to contact WCM directly to have it pulled. If they contacted you directly, they're doing it wrong. Ignore it. (Read last paragraph) http://warcraftmovies.com/tou.php

If you still desire to have your movies deleted, contact them via that email. It's faster.

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