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Name: Blixtberit
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Negative votes deleted

So, this keeps happening on almost every single Bajheera movie i've seen on this site. Somehow, all, or the majority of the negative votes on his movies just keep vanishing. And they're not offensive. I mean, I hate to be all conspiracy theory here, but it just keeps on happening. Like his latest movie for example, it's been down to like 3.5 rating, and then the next day, pop, it's back to 5.0 or just below. I've had 2 comments deleted from that movie so far, the first one was a lengthy post, with a respectful tone, and a low rating, the other one was slightly less respectful, because I got pissed that once again one of my ratings of his movie had been deleted, but it was nothing offensive, or a personal attack or anything of the sort.
Just posted a third rating, will be interesting to see if it sticks.
Anyway, is there an explanation for this?
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Name: Midvale
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From what I can tell from a Users standpoint, an admin just clears the queue of reported comments every few days and hardly quality checks over any of them. It's confusing because nobody has any real idea of the workings of the backends of things and can only assume through watching things happen. It would really be nice to have some unbiased volunteer mods to just clear through the queues every two days and to take time doing it, and to be honest i'd like to see some unconstructive 5/5's removed too or the rating system revamped either completely or back to what it used to be.

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