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Hello and Wondering Who Made ...

First, hi there. Can't believe I never noticed the forum link over at warcraftmovies.com or I would have been here sooner!

Second, I once stumbled upon a machinima that consisted of nothing more than one character onscreen (a paladin in Judgement gear and holding a book) doing a reading of the in-game book, "Birth of the Lich King."

However, whoever it was that did the voiceover did it in this bizarrely enraged shrieking sort of voice.

I absolutely loved it, even as weird as it was, but I can no longer remember the title or creator and have no way of finding it again

All I can tell you is that it's pretty old; probably circa 2005, and the last line was (pretty close to) "I am the LOREBRINGER! If I don't know it, it didn't happen!"
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