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Daily Featured movie gripes.

Today nafnaf 3 got the daily featured movie spot when only a few days earlier he made nafnaf2 (which has a 2.5ish rating?) I really don't see how you could give it the daily featured movie after that. (and 3rd is 2.88?). I am baffled at how this could happen.

Not only that but I also thing high end arena videos don't get enough recommendations/daily featured. For serious PvP/Arena players these are like world firsts for raiders. movies like Kollektiv - Rag dolled, Natural Nemesis III (or my own videos but I'm biased about those) I feel should have been recommended or at least daily featured.
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We've not implemented a system yet for "skilled" players to get what they deserve in terms of recommendations/achievements but there will be a system for it in the future. In NafNafs defence, they movies gets flamed and the rating doesn't give the content justice. I'm sure most of the people downloading his movie enjoyed it, whether they flamed it or not.

One feature we have that tells us what the community would like to see in the spotlight is the "Spotlight Vote": http://www.warcraftmovies.com/main.php#370 and if enough people like to see your movie there we will know it and feature it.

I'll see if we can up Natural Nemesis in feature box today after I've watched it.
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