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Hi Andy,

its very nice to hear this news - I hope, Mythic will do much more to support the moviemakers in the future

As one of the makers of the first fanvideo of the month (Newsletter #34 - An Emperor's Order) I have to say something about the camerasystem...

Sorry, but it is a pain. I really hope, Mythic will tweak the cam-system a bit.

The reasons:

1.) If you try to make a portrait shot of someone, you have to suffer from big problems. Its only possible when you go to first-person-look (and you get the fish-eye-effect). As a Human or Elf you alway look from above to the opponent. You can't see the face, only the hair from high above....
As an Dwarf, you are looking from - öhm, unten, was heisst unten? - down on the ground...
If you try to make such shots from your own character, you fail too. The hookpoint of the cam is the upper top of the charakters head... you can't zoom in enough to make a nice portrait shot...

My wish is, that Mythic will implement a possibility to pan the cam in the Z-Axis - like DAoC. (it was in at the early beta - why is it gone?)

2.) Many moviemakers tent to act as their own actors. Me too. Makes things much easier. But the charakter is always in the middle of the screen.

My wish is, that Mythic will implement a way to fix/hold the cam at a fix point - so it would be possible to walk through the screen, while the cam is fixed. (like in DAoC hitting the F11 key)

I hope it was understandable - English is not my native language

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