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Hello Andy,

First of all, nice to read that Mythic may have a certain interest in Machinimas made with their game.

I am particularly interested in what Warhammer Online can offer for us machinima-makers, and am actually producing 2 new videos in this game...
...however I must admit that some features are REALLY missing in WAR.

Last month I won two prizes with my first video in AOC (Best french machinima and best MMO french machinima 2008 for Rodion - "Je démonte"), and creating this video has been cool, because of the NUMEROUS emotes of the game accordingly to the lyrics of my song.


We need to be able to make our chars move his or her mouth (even to say nothing), sit, dance, clap, rude, brag, breakdance and more, more, MORE other little things.

If you really want to see what I mean with EMOTES, look at "quatuor", my last achievement before I come into WAR :

EMOTES is my principal concern with WAR atm, and I hope someone will hear it.

Cya later for more... news
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