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Ayame Kiyoshi
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Looking for very skilled machinimators!

Hello, I am Kiyoshi.

I am looking for good machinimators for a quite big project. I'm talking about an aprox. 1-2 hours movie, fully machinimated, with as little in-game footage as possible.
I will want to see samples of work. I will require patience, time and hard work.

The background story of the movie is:

The story revolves around an Orc Warrior, who is fighting at the Ang'rathar the Wrathgate. He receives a letter from his wife, telling him about a baby. He asks for permission to go back home for a while, but he does not receive it, making him desert. Assassins are sent on his way by Highlord Saurfang. He gets through to Orggrimar, then to The Barrens, where he finds his home guarded by two Kor'Kron. He kills them, and finds his home devastated, and his wife missing. He crashes stuff, then falls asleep while sobbing, having a vision of Nagrand. He decides to go there, in hope that he will find answers. He starts the journey to Ratchet, having to go through Thousand Needles, though, to get advice from his father.
While in Thousand Needles he meets a human Paladin. They start fighting, and the warrior is defeated. The Paladin spares his life. After waking up from the shock, he resumes his journey only to find the Paladin trapped and attacked by centaurs. He rescues the Paladin, arrive at his Home, but finds no one there. Enraged, they continue the road. They arrive in Ratchet and set sail for Booty Bay. At the Entrance of Booty Bay, they find a rogue. However, they are caught due to the reward placed on the Orc's Head. They manage to escape, take the boat to Tirisfal Glades where they meet a wanted Undead Warlock. They all set for the Blasted Lands.
While on the road, the assassins find and ambush them, but the Warlock summons a Nether Portal, teleporting everyone ( aside from the assassins ) in the Arathi Basin. They fight their way through Horde and Alliance alike, defending one another, due to the warlock's injuries, caused by the hasty summon. They leave the Basin, joined by a Blood Elf Hunter.
They travel continously, through the lands and manage to pass through the Dark Portal. While close to Thrallmar, they are once again ambushed, and the Hunter is killed. While falling to the ground, one of the Assassins sees her and is stunned by her beauty. He feels sorry, throws a smoke bomb on the ground, allowing the group to escape.
But Thrallmar guards arrive, hearing the clash of the swords. Having heard of the Orc's betrayal, they capture them. About to be imprisoned and sent back to Azeroth, the Blood Elf Assassin appears, causing a diversion. They run towards a Dragon Pen and manage to arrive on Dragons. They recover the Hunter's body and set for Shattrath, to revive their friend and heal their severe wounds.
They arrive and go to the Scryers' building, seeking desperate help. A group of Priests is sent to aid them. Unfortunately, sensing disturbances in the Paladin's tales, one of them Mind Controls him and uncovers the whole story. They are imprisoned and the body of the Hunter is thrown away. The Orc enrages, attacking the guards, but they are easily overwhelmed. They are taken to A'dal, to decide their fates. He claims that the Orc's affair are none of their bussiness, their only obligation being to help the others. So the Naaru revived the Hunter, and heals to others.
They finally reach the tribe's home in Nagrand, finding the whole tribe in a purification ritual. The Orc finds out that the one being purified is his own wife. She had been transformed into a Scourge Minion. The attempt fails, however, and, disgusted, the Orc attacks his wife, but she fights back. In the end, he kills her. The Elder Shaman of the Tribe senses something wrong at Ang'rathar, and sends the group through the Elemental Realm in order to reach their destination faster.
There, the Orc finds the whole Horde Force gathered around something. Making room for himself, he witnesses the dead body of Highlord Saurfang. He hears the Alliance shout in the background. After finding out they were making a final stand, he gathers the Horde Soldiers and charges forwards.
They fight alongside the Alliance, but Arthas comes out of the Citadel. Furious about the recent happenings, the Orc attacks the Lich King, but is easily defeated and Frostmourne eats his soul. Just about when the Alliance were getting ready to attack, a Forsaken appears, throwing plague barrels at the Battlefield, so strong that even the Lich King kneels. Bolvar Fordragon falls to the ground. With little power he sees the Battlefield burnt down by the Red Dragonflight.
After a while, Valky'rie appear and take the Orc and Bolvar's bodies to the Lich King. The second one, still alive, is sent to be tortured, while the body of the Orc is sent to the resurrection chambers, where he is brought back to life as an Undead Scourge Minion. He is placed as a guardian of the Citadel, being known as Deathbringer Saurfang.
This way, it is revealed that the Orc was the son of Highlord Saurfang, Dranosh Saurfang.

My e-mail address is : [email protected]
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Old 08-04-2013, 08:55 PM   #2
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Damn, The story is really interesting, but I am not skilled enough to do it yet.
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