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NDA Lifted!


   As of now, the Non Disclosure portions of our North American Beta Testing Agreement are now officially lifted.  From this point on players may now freely talk about their experiences in the game as well as post screenshots, videos, etc.  We will be sending an email out to all our current players with full details about the lift over the next 24 hours.  Players with access to our forums can also see the letter there.  Players may not talk about nor reprint posts from our forums and our Test Servers (currently Deathsword) are still fully covered by the confidentiality portions of our Beta Testing Agreement.  So, other than that, free feel to talk about and share your experiences in WAR. 

My thanks go out to everyone who has beta tested and continues to beta test WAR.  It has been with your help and feedback that WAR is where it is today.  We really appreciate your effort.

WAR is almost upon us! 

Mark Jacobs
VP, GM Mythic Entertainment"


Lets get those videos submitted to Warhammer Online Movies, everyone!


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Read the full version of this news item on AoCMovies.com
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